Interlude: Borders Closed

This is a hard blog to write.

We got just about 1/4 into our trip but unfortunately after a call to the British Embassy we have made the decision to return home to the UK until the travel bans are lifted.

We saw it happening as the virus spread and country after country announced travel bans or restrictions. In South America we were in one of the safest places in the world but after seeing what has happened in other countries the lock down of borders has started. We intended to keep travelling for as long as we could but as of this week it is becoming impossible for us to keep moving forward, countries are shutting borders and our hostel and AirBnB bookings are being cancelled. We have been advised by the British Embassy to return home.

We spent the afternoon desperately trying to connect to WiFi to book a flight home. In the end my parents helped us make the booking as the internet was so temperamental.

We will hopefully restart our trip once the travel restrictions have been lifted.

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