Pandemic Diary, 22 March 2020

Day 7 (Sunday):

I’m so hungry so this will be a quick one.

Today we spent inside our hotel room either due to the 4pm curfew or the advice that going outside was too dangerous due to desperate people doing desperate things. I can relate as I would do pretty much anything right now for a burger. Due to our isolation food has been hard to come by. The hotel manager took pity on us at 4:06pm and gave us rice and a fried egg.

Luckily we had some distractions such as our KLM flight completely disappearing from our trip on the internet. The stress, sickness and high blood pressure were great distractions. With the help of my superstar family we were able to get in touch with KLM and get our flight tickets emailed to us. KLM you can now ignore the desperate pleas for help that we may have sent you 1,000 times over the last 24 hours on WhatsApp or Messenger as they would not pick up the phones.

I watched an old episode of Bake Off just so I could see food and imagine the taste.

We are now going to bed early so we have less waking hours thinking about our lack of food.

The good news is that tomorrow will hopefully be our last day here and after a 25 hour journey we will make it home.
We are keeping positive and making light of the situation as we are healthy and safe and we know there a lot of people in worse predicaments. We keep in touch with many people that are still stuck on the Galapagos Islands and we promised every single one that we will have a drink as each makes it home- I hope to be happily drunk very soon.

Keep everything crossed for us.

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