Pandemic Diary: 20 March 2020

Day 5 (Friday): The hotel (Emanuel at The Point) deserves a mention as the manager Nico could not be more helpful. He completely understands that we need to pay day by day and may suddenly disappear if a flight becomes available. He has allowed us use of the kitchens between certain hours so we canContinue reading “Pandemic Diary: 20 March 2020”

Pandemic Diary- San Cristobal: 16-18 March 2020

Day 1 (Monday): We arrived on the island to news of uncertainty. Something was happening but no one knew what. We tried to book on a dive excursion and they told us to check back later. We checked into our AirBnB room behind a restaurant and in the owners home. The room was small andContinue reading “Pandemic Diary- San Cristobal: 16-18 March 2020”

The Galapagos Islands, Santa Cruz: 11-16 Mar 2020

The Travel:1 hour taxi to Quito airport, 1 plane journey + additional Galapagos checks + additional Corona virus checks, a bus, a ferry, another bus later and we arrived at our temporary hotel until our double booked hotel made our room available. The Place:The town of Puerto Ayora was larger than I had anticipated. It’sContinue reading “The Galapagos Islands, Santa Cruz: 11-16 Mar 2020”

The Worst Week of Travel: 03-11 Mar 2020

Salento–> Papoyan–> Impailes (impressive church)–> Quito, Ecuador. Taking 4 days. Long travel days in small buses (we should have flown in hindsight) with not a lot to see on our way out of Colombia. We entered Ecuador with the knowledge that the Corona Virus had started to spread within the country. We will now flagContinue reading “The Worst Week of Travel: 03-11 Mar 2020”

Salento 29 Feb- 03 Mar 2020

Travel:The 7 hour journey was split between an open air chilly chicken bus and an air conditioned coach. A long journey but the time passed quickly as we watched the beautiful Colombian countriside slide by with dramatic mountains and valleys. Lets take a moment here to talk about the experiences on a Colombian bus journey.Continue reading “Salento 29 Feb- 03 Mar 2020”