Pandemic Diary: 21 March 2020

Day 6 (Saturday):

At 9:30pm last night we received a text in our WhatsApp group that planes would be leaving the island the next morning. The instructions were to wait to get email confirmation that we had a seat on the flight. We waited and waited and nothing. We received no email and went to bed depressed.

Adam spent most of the night awake and at 2am found out that despite getting no email confirmations we were in fact on the list to get out. We packed up our belongings and walked to the airport.

We made it out!! It was touch and go and pretty stressful but I am now writing this sat in an airport hotel in Guayaquil on the mainland! Woop! One step closer to home.

Three planes left the Galapagos today and took 300 passengers to the mainland but there are still many left behind. The organization was a shambles and everything was done by hand and slowly but having said all that we are so grateful to everyone who helped us get out. We watched the first plane take off to the cheers of the airport staff.

We arrived at a completely deserted airport and were ushered out onto shuttles and to each of our hotels. We arrived past the 4pm curfew and were told we had to remain in the hotel, we could not go out and get food. Luckily I had smuggled in 2 tins of soup in my bag and the manager of the hotel let us use the hotels microwave.

Next step- get home. We think we have a flight out on Monday with KLM but we have not yet received any tickets. We have been advised to call but cannot get in touch with anyone.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Diary: 21 March 2020

  1. Katie and Adam, we are all sending you thoughts of love and hugs. Stay strong you two. We are crossing everything for you and hope that you make it home very soon. Lots of love Julie, Lee, Ellie and Freya xxxxx


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